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What if my blood pressure hasn’t changed after taking PreCardix® for eight weeks?

There are five important factors to consider in consultation with your health care provider when determining the effectiveness of PreCardix®: 

1. PreCardix® was taken as directed – 2 tablets together daily before noon, preferably away from food for at least eight weeks.

2. Blood pressure at eight weeks was compared to baseline blood pressure before introducing PreCardix®.

3. Baseline blood pressure was established by measuring blood pressure two times each morning and evening for one week before introducing PreCardix®.

4. Blood pressure at eight weeks was established by measuring blood pressure for one week two times each morning and evening, eight weeks after introducing PreCardix®.

5. Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress and other habits have not changed negatively.

Keep in mind that blood pressure is an average, and a single high reading is less significant than the overall average.

If you have completed these five steps and have not experienced the desired effect on your blood pressure, please discuss options with your health care provider. 

It's important to consider various factors that may influence blood pressure readings, including time of day when you measure your blood pressure as blood pressure can fluctuate during the day. Factors that can affect blood pressure include caffeine and alcohol intake, smoking, exercise and stress levels. 

If you choose to discontinue PreCardix®, please contact us about our Money Back Guarantee program by emailing us at support@precardix.ca.  The Money Back Guarantee program is available for purchases made at precardix.com, amazon.ca, and at London Drugs (please make sure to keep your proof of purchase).