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What are the pricing options?

When purchasing on a subscription plan you can save 10%. The subscription can be paused or canceled at any time. Ongoing orders are $44.95 when on a subscription plan. We also offer single pack orders at $49.95. Our clinical studies show that after one month 58% of people taking PreCardix® experienced a significant effect on blood pressure health, while after two months 89% experienced a a significant effect on blood pressure health. Like other blood pressure (natural) products, PreCardix® has to be taken over time in order to maintain its effect. You can find the product pricing options here

Always consult with your health care provider before making a change to your blood pressure management plan. PreCardix® does not treat, cure or prevent medical conditions. Measure and monitor blood pressure regularly. Know the signs of heart attack and stroke. Do not take PreCardix® if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have renal artery stenosis, history of angioneurotic edema or shellfish allergy.