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Why is there titanium dioxide in PreCardix®?

Titanium Dioxide is only used in the coating of PreCardix® for colouring, and only amounts for 0.42% of the tablet (3.63mg) which amounts to a daily intake of 0.1mg/kg body weight/day. In comparison, the lowest daily dose that has been looked at in clinical studies is 2.5 mg/kg body weight, while most studies are done on dosings from 100 to 1,000 mg/kg body weight.
The main concern from EFSA with this ingredient has been related to high amounts of TiO2 accumulating in the body. Based on this, we see a minimal/no safety concern with the daily intake of this ingredient through PreCardix®. The FDA limits the use of the ingredient to not exceed 1% of the total weight of a food-product.
We are aware of the research on the use of Titanium Dioxide in food products and the safety concerns raised, and we take this very seriously.
The quality of our product and the safety of our consumers is something we as a company will never compromise on. We are currently working on a new formulation. Meanwhile, the evidence on the safety concern is inconclusive and the ingredient is still approved by the FDA and Health Canada and is thus still considered safe.